“Freebird” screens in “Talks Back Part 2” at Spectacle

Posted on Dec 15, 2017 in Uncategorized
“Freebird” screens in “Talks Back Part 2” at Spectacle

Angela Washko has curated “Talks Back,”  a screening program featuring video and performance-for-video works by women artists who have opted to move away from the limitations of gallery contexts and art world audiences and put themselves in conversation with television and cinema (and their audiences). Inspired by the possibilities offered by public access television, reality television and virtual environments, these artists bring new meaning to films, television programming, and multi-user digital spaces by inserting themselves into existing media narratives which don’t often include their perspectives. Through remixing their bodies into found footage or literally getting onto reality television programs, these artists assert the need for the narratives of intersectional feminists in the mainstream media we consume every day.

Artists in the program include Morehshin Allahyari, Ann Hirsch, Narcissister, Rachel Rampleman, Suzie Silver, Skawennati and Angela Washko.

ONE NIGHT ONLY – 7:30PM (WITH Q & A!) and at 10:00

Spectacle Theater: 124 S. Third St., Brooklyn, NY