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Suzie Silver (1992)

Performer: Hester Reeve

A Spy: Hester Reeve Does The Doors is a gender-bending and thought-provoking mixture of pure visual pleasure with humorous and unsettling undercurrents. As Reeve lip-syncs to a Doors’ song (“I am a spy in the house of love. I know the dream that you’re dreaming of, I know your deepest secret fear…”), we see a new manifestation of Jesus walking in a video field of pulsing rainbows, amoebic forms, and B-movie girls in black panties, suggesting the desires we hide from ourselves and others.

A Spy is based on a performance created and performed by Hester Reeve, March 8 & 9, 1991 at Club Lower Links, Chicago, for the program, Bait and Switch: At Night Every Girl Is A Boy (organized by Iris Moore and Suzie Silver).

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